Happy Birthday To Me!

This year I was surprisingly completely resistant to sharing or celebrating the joy of my birthday with anyone. I literally was unable to post a picture physically and with great reluctance picked up my phone every time it rang and grudgingly shared the joy of my day😂

Why? You are probably wondering and my answer is I have no idea!

Surprisingly this year (June 13th 2017 - June 13th 2018) was landscaped with such personal great miracles, wonders and triumph laced with a brief moment of gut wrenching despair that I was momentarily stumped but not for long.

I thought I knew pain until pain revealed itself to me in a whole new light
I thought I had an intimate sustained committed relationship with JOY, until Joy like I have hitherto never experienced unfurled in me .

Little wonder all I wanted to do today was go to that “me” place in my head/spirit and just Thank God without man-made words; expressing my deep/ abiding love for him and my depthless appreciation for his faithfulness to me from day one.

So pardon me if I didn’t take ur calls today, or didn’t reply ur messages soon enough and didn’t hold a large “to-do” about my day (as I usually do)
I just wanted to jealously be with the ONE who made me everything I AM today.

Thank you for the love, prayers and prophecies😍😍😍😍 they made my heart full 💝


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