How To Wear Leggings as Pants When Pregnant

Hi darlings, I trust you are having a superbly stylish week so far. if not, chin up; its only going to get better despite overwhelming odds.  This time, just like my first pregnancy, my style mantra was  easy comfy chic. Nothing that yields the our society's frumpy dowdy idea of pregnancy fashion, but nothing as impossible as the new 'preggo sexy crowd's figure-contouring outfits and amazing heels.

As a pregnant woman, despite the fact that
I want to still be stylish, comfort is premium, especially as anything too tight has the tendency to hamper blood circulation and leave you gasping for precious breathe. Hence this easy chic easy chic outfit, i wore to church last Sunday.

The dynamic allure of leggings worn as pants during pregnancy cannot be overemphasised. Personally the soft feel and elasticity of the fabric makes it my go-to fashion staple during this period. No need to suffer the stiff itchy feel of jeans on skin or the exhausting hunt for pregnancy pants.
It is important to know how to wear leggings as a pants in order to avoid looking like a hot mess.

  • You  have to pay attention to the stretch and thickness or transparency  of your leggings fabric of choice. 
  • pairing with the right top, blouse or shirt  (just like I styled mine) is vital to pulling off the look

Till next time


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