Hello darlings. How has your day been? Mine has been busy but very productive which is why I finally have time to quickly blog this look I wore to church a while ago. This divine Vlisco Print has been sitting in my closet for over 18 months because I bought before I got pregnant. It was meant to be part of the fabric used for my brand's SS18 collection by but ........ (one of the projects  I still need to complete) . I decided on a particular style and had it sewn when I was five months pregnant but for some reason hated the design on sight and has it re-vamped into this (pictured above) 

By the time it was ready, I was not in the mood to wear such vibrant prints when I wasn't feeling vibrant (it was so cheerful it was irritating....blame it on the hormones lol) so it laid forlornly in my closet till a few weeks ago when I happened on it and viola! 

What do you think of the it? I am still undecided about it 😕😐😏😎


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