5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Hi darlings, so I was recently in a chat with some creative peeps and somehow the discussion became about me and how I don’t truly share my with you (viewers, readers, etc) I wasn’t shocked because I am a very private person and consciously decide what to share and vice versa. Anyway, after much ado, I was given assignments geared towards helping me share myself with you in healthy ways.

One of such assignments is this post. So here goes! These are 10 things you probably don’t know about me.

1. I bet you didn’t know that my blog name Millare is derived from the first three letters of my name and maiden surname. Millicent + Arebun = MILLARE (grin).

2. I battled extreme anxiety until a few years ago. The unique thing about the severe case of anxiety was that it was never focused on me but on everyone I cared about. I worried about safety and security the most. Faith in God kept me and my natural tendency to be strong made it impossible for my circle from ever figuring it out. I bet you are surprised!😎. To find out more on this watch out for my post on it this weekend.

3. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I am actually a romantic. The only difference between me and 99% of those that tag themselves “romantic” is that my rose-tinted glasses isn't blurred but extremely clear. Secondly, my castles are built on solid faith and reality, not “in the air”. Thirdly, I make sure my fairy tale endings are the start of a solid fulfilling life for myself and family. 😜😄

4. I am a TV series addict and yes, I almost always have an existential crisis when they end 😂😂 . You can reach me for spoilers on anyone you are currently engrossed in. You see am one of those, that love to curl up on the sofa once the kids are asleep and watch my favourite character come alive on TV. I look forward to a new episode like some look forward to date night with their beloved. I love movies though but compared to the former, they are disgustingly short.

5. My favourite food used to be rice but then Indomie noodles came along in the 90s to Nigeria and I was instantly sold out. While pregnant (both times) I ate Indomie every single day and couldn't wait for each day to end so I could eat it again the next day. I practically used to salivate while waiting for it to cook. (weird right….😀😄😅



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