BEAUTY| Vampy Lippies

Bold and vampy lips are the rage this season with the usual eternally trendy red and nude lips giving way a bit ungraciously to the new dark and bold lips trend. Popularized by Rhianna and kylie’s pouty bold lip kits in primary shades, currently galvanizing fashion lovers mad rush for all things dark brown, green, navy blue, deep purple or Marsella.

Beauty brands, Zaron Cosmetics, Beyond Beauty and Kylie’s kit seems to be in the lead in Nigeria, with their 24hrs long-lasting lip matte/gloss topping the demand chart. The trick to wearing this lip trend flawlessly is to Exfoliate and moisturize your lips, before using your lipstick of choice, in order to avoid chapped, or flaky lips. 

Naturally, your teeth must be as near to white, as possible or the contrast would be memorable, to the unlucky individual you happen to smile at.


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