Hello, Am Back!!!!!!

Holla people, being a long time away. Did you miss me? I didn’t deliberately take time off blogging for 12months; managing a toddler, a baby, holding down a day job while ensuring my other businesses and responsibilities didn’t suffer made it happen.

Blogging, my driving lessons and social media are some of the many things that suffered very badly as a result. Anyway, I am recommitted to do better at all three for the next three month. At the end of the quarter, I will take stock and re-evaluate before taking on the next task.

 As usual, I will take you along for the ride so please cheer me on by dropping your candid comments, unfiltered opinions and encouragements on EVERY post lol.

So what have you been up to in the last few months? I am all ears

Till next time its bye for now


  1. Glad you are back. But how do you manage all three listed above , I can hardly cope and I don't have that much on my plate. Pls share your secrets so your mummy readers can take a thing or two. Thanks and welcome back!💚

  2. Hi Miss Ty, it’s a daily juggling act o. To function optimally I try to ensure I have at least an hour of “me time” daily and a minimum of 3hrs sleep nightly.

    I will definitely take ur advice and write a post on Friday about some of my balancing act tricks and tips 😁.

    In the meantime stay strong yummy mummy and press on! You are doing a fantastic job am sure 😁💋


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