Prose | My uncool love

How uncool is loving hard without pretence and safety guards in today’s world.

I love hard and fierce
No, restrain or boundaries
What is yours is mine
Your issues are my issues
Your peace is my delight
And those who set themselves against you will know no mercy from me

How uncool is that,
in today’s world where the word tact is shrouded in diplomatic truth omissions twined in nonchalance, packaged as “respecting your wishes”

My love is synonymous with loyalty dependence in independence
Guts, integrity, emotional courage and bravery
Full of “I am me , you are you and we are Us! “
Always, forever and a day

How uncool is that,
in a world filled with false-titude glamed up as adulthood
where utter disregard, complacency, devaluation, emotional usage, self-gain and convenience is the ultimate determining factor for love’s daily atmosphere

My love is selfless and forever giving
The safest emotional space on planet earth for those who I have consciously placed endearingly/enduring value on
Yet it’s the most dangerous place to be for the unworthy full of guile and scheming
seeking self above me

How uncool is that!


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