OOTD| All Covered Up

Hello style lovers, the mounting pressure of the pandemic currently afflicting the world or self-isolation should not be an excuse to look sloppy or drably. Looking good is a surer remedy to self-isolation or quarantine blues for it can cheer you up in an instant. If you are one of those who still have to be up and about business, as usual, it’s important you take all the precautionary measures outlined in the media by the experts recently. It is also vitally important you dress the part by ensuring you are as covered up as humanly possible without becoming too uncomfortable.

Now more than ever, covering almost all layer of our skin is vital. Ranging from the mandatory stylish nose mask to wrist-length sleeves, layering up is the new cool. This helps limits direct skin contact of the coronavirus or other virus to only your bare hands or face. If you pro-actively practice social distancing by maintaining the required distance, that would further limit contact or spread of the deadly virus.   


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