5 WAYS TO STYLE A BEACH WRAP (Events & Occasions).

Millicent Arebun Onuoha

Hello, darlings. Did you know that your beach wrap doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to lounge or casual wear? In this post, I will be showing you five ways to style your beach wrap as a top or skirt suitable for work and play wearing only W halter neck high slit dress from @mango 

My chiffon BEACH WRAP is from my brand @millarefashion has a clip-on so it was easy to style as a scooped neck top without having to deal with messy knots that could come inadvertently undone at the most inopportune moments 🤣. 

Look 1:  I styled the wrap as a skirt over my black dress giving it a layered and deconstructed feel.
Look 2: I styled the wrap as a one-shoulder top over the same dress. This look is great for events, weddings, church, or dressy date night with the boo

Look 3: I styled the wrap as a halter neck top (double dose of halter) 😁 and it came out fab and super chic. 
Look 4: I styled the wrap as a collared cape top with the edges hanging loose. With this look, the clip-on buckle was the statement jewellery 🎉😍😍. 

Look 5: I styled the wrap still as a collared wrap but this time as a CROPPED top by simply tying the edges together at my midriff. 

How did I do? 😉😎 - feel free to rate the looks in the comment section😌and let me know alternative ways you would style It😍


Halter neck black dress:@Mango 

Ankara clutch purse: @shop.millarefashion

Glasses: @shop.millarefashion 

Beach Wrap @shop.millarefashion 


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