Lessons Learned During My Time Off

Hi darlings; it’s been a learning journey since I last posted and I must say am super thankful for it. From finishing a digital skill training course to moving house and embarking on a new video content journey with the birth of Candid Conversation with Tyna & Milly; while managing my 9-5, running my businesses, being a super mom and wife ........  (gulps in the air😉) it’s been “wonderful”😁😅.

One thing I learned during this journey is to rely and bet on me first & last!! After God, it’s me always regardless! This decision has bought me such peace of mind that now I wonder why I hesitated for so long. 

I realised that fear of immediate discomfort and change with its unknown variables is the number one reason we don’t do what we know we need to do!!! 

Today I want to encourage someone out there to make that tough decision and stick to it! Yes, it will be uncomfortable but trust me the discomfort(physical or emotional) is temporary! The unknown comes with its own excitements and opportunities for growth so be brave and plunge into your new reality with gusto powered by wisdom. 

I promise it will get better with every hour until you wonder why you waited so long to make the needed change 💋

How have you been darlings, please bring me up to speed with the latest happenings in your life during and post COVID-19 lockdown in the comment section. Am all ears đŸ€—. 




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