Beauty | Press-on Nails to the Rescue!

Hi darlings, after almost 5years without fixing nails so I can at least update my status with the hashtag #nailsonfleek (tears). I finally found a solution that won’t hurt my kids, delay my chores time, reduce my typing speed and yet be ready to go in minutes. 

Wondering how? The answer is PRESS-ON NAILS! This wonderful inventionđŸ„Ž has been sitting on our nose figuratively since almost forever and yet for some reason, Nigerian fashionistas (me included) never embraced the luxury of convenience it inherently presented. 

In minutes, you can have beautiful manicured nails in the latest trending designs /art works. Best of all you can trim it to kid friendly size in minutes and is cheap! No more spending at least 8000naira for nails that will fall off before the end of two weeks! Let’s not talk of the hours you have to invest into it and the inevitable pain (even if it’s slight) that accompanies it . 

I had my press-ons done in less than five minutes when the kids were in bed for the night and showed up in style to my event the next morning effortlessly. Another great advantage of press-one is that you can remove it guilt-free as they are not that expensive . Luxury pairs range as high as 15k while regular ones you can buy in your average market ranges from 200naira to 5000 naira. 

So fellow moms and harried fashionistas,  never let your sisters, moms with bigger kids or single friends “oppress” you with their ridiculously beautiful nails on fleek again! Press-nos are now your secret weapons of nail-fare!! 

Till next time 


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