Social Etiquette For Extended Stay /Visiting Married Couples

Since applied common sense is not so common), here are some of my commandment to adhere to when visiting or having extending stays with married couples. 

  1. Dress sense: We all know the supreme style principle “you dress for the occasion”. The same rule apply when visiting or spending extended time with married couples. (Whether you are single or not )choosing what to wear that would not sacrifice your style or identity while at the same time showing respect and appreciation to your friend , his or her home and their spouse is quite easy . 

All you have to do is give a little thought to what you wear backed by a health dose of self - preservation and love in your heart. For instance instead of reaching for those shorty shorts and crop top as a female , why not go for the chic shirt dress or top of the knee shorts and a big sized polo? You would still look fabulous and yet comfy no matter the situation you find when you get to your friend’s home . (Even if there were impromptu judge-y visitors from hell there ) 

As a male, now is not the time to show up at your friends home especially (when their spouse is home) wearing those loose boxer shorts that showcase your strong muscle ripped tights to perfection when you sit down ;  paired with a c-cut tank top or sporty see-through body hug vest 🤣 .  

A little though goes a long way in balancing your style and regard for your friend’s home . It also saves you from potentially uncomfortable or at worse dangerous situations you may find yourself;  if unknown to you; your friend’s spouse is an amorous indisciplined human with no morals and/or latent violent tendencies.

  1. Practice self restraint : gestures/expression, body alignment etc . No matter how comfortable you are when the husband or wife is in the same vicinity with you guys , that is not the time to scratch your balls or for the females either hang one of your legs on the head of the chair spread eagled for all and sundry🙄

  • It is so not the time to show your massaging prowess to your friends wife or offer other potentially marriage threatening services to them😅 

  • It’s not the time to laugh hilariously at every joke the spouse makes with all your 89teeth or give unconsciously intimate smiles or flirty vibes with your mannerism and actions . 

  • It’s not ok for you to give welcoming FULL CHESTED tight body hug to your friend’s spouse with your splendid six packs or maxi breasts rippling or jiggling softly🤣

  • Thou shall not rub another persons spouse head no matter how used to it you are . It’s beyond disrespectful to yourself , your friend and their spouse . 

  1. Communication : It is not the time to tell dirty/crude jokes or make sexist remarks that are potentially offensive to opposite sex. (This goes both ways people!) 

  • It is also not the time to make undermining remarks , compliments , statements or comments that are coded shades wrapped in false sincerity. 

  1. Prioritise your friendship with your friend always  (bottom line never get too close with your friends spouse no matter how amiable, friendly, open , welcoming, or deeply his/her ideas resonates with you. He or she is not your new bestie, adviser , pastor, shoulder to lean on, fun partner in crime etc . Always place your relationship with your friend above your relationship with their spouse (with integrity of-course). 

Ok, I have tried, it’s your turn to tell us what other points you think we need to add to this list for posterity sake🤣. Maybe in time we can make it a commandment of sorts in order to save people from unnecessary future heartache. 🥴😉🤪

Till we meet again next time it’s bye for now



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