Style at GTCO Food and Drink Festival

Foodies and drink lovers over the holidays thronged the city of Lagos state as it played host to the GTCO Food and Drinks festival after a two year hiatus brought on by covid-19. 

Dressed to the nines in the best of street style and armed with credit cards, thousands patronised the over 150 selected vendors by the bank setting an unprecedented sales record for the event. 

The free masterclasses gave food enthusiasts opportunities to learn new cuisines from world renowned Chefs while In keeping with this year’s theme “Authentic Nigerian Food” foodies were offered a wide array of food and drinks options “From the usual gourmet treats  to local delicacies Amala Ibadan , Port Harcourt Bolé , popular eastern delicacy “Abachâ ; farm produce and more. 

According to GTCO Chief Executive Officer Segun Agbaje, “Africa’s history and rich cultural heritage is beautifully reflected in its cuisines. The primary objective of the GTCO Food and Drink Festival is to showcase our diversity as a people whilst delivering a sumptuous culinary experience to food enthusiasts across the continent.

As our contribution to the development of local SMEs, we want to see our retail customers who also own small businesses thrive by giving them more opportunities to connect with consumers from around the world.” 

Worthy of note is the well fitted play arena for kids at this year’s edition; which kept the kids entertained and out of the heat, leaving parents free to go about their purchases. 

Unfortunately, the seemingly unending supply of free GT branded cool water that always characterised the event was missing this year. Naturally the vendors capitalised on the need and cold water and soft drinks sold for as high as a thousand naira per bottle . This made many, especially the youths very disgruntled. 

Amiss all the hustle and buying was of course the fashion that made our hearts sing and cringe sometimes, below are some for your styling pleasure . 


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