Tea Musings | Complains devalues good deeds

Hello darlings . So I have been engaged repeatedly in conversations where a seemingly good person doesn’t feel he or she is appreciated for their good deeds .  From listening, observing, learning and personal experience this is the conclusions I arrived atđŸ‘‡đŸŸ
“When you make what you do for your anyone seem like an imposition, everything you do or did becomes meaningless in their sight and in the sight of God!”
Complains devalues good deeds always! 

That’s why God himself specified that he was looking for PROMPT (as at when needed)  to-do-it , CHEERFUL (complain free) givers whose HEART (no feeling of imposition or stress or forming) is in their giving .

The lesser light is to give because you “have to” or because you “need to”. The  greater light is giving because “you WANT (are happy to, delight to, recognise the privilege it is to , it gives you pleasure to be able to ) GIVE . 

Giving is a process and it’s important you don’t derail yourself and make everything you did or do for naught by defaulting the 2 key phases of giving . 

it’s all about

1: your heart and 

2: your attitude before, during and after giving. 

Going forward, as you give to ur loved ones , GOD, strangers, friends, kids or business ; keep this in mind and reap the full harvest & joys of giving .

 You can thank me later đŸ€Ș💋


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