The Kids had lots of fun @ GTCO Food and Drinks

GTCO Food and Drinks recently hosted local and international foodies and beverage lovers at their   Victoria Island, Lagos facility. The 3 days celebration of culinary excellence and beverage innovation was a
 wholesome experience for the whole family. 

 The kids were not left out of the fun as mummy and daddy went about shopping. From bouncy castles, age appropriates ball pits, obstacle courses, and many more, the kid’s play zones were packed with fun activities to keep the young ones occupied accompanied by music and the traditional popcorn with candy floss. Unfortunately, the kid’s play zone seemed to be much smaller than last year’s edition, which lead to families being escorted out of the play zone after exceeding an hour and a half to the displeasure of many parents. Thus, the entry to the kid’s play area was a trial as many parents and caregivers had to queue up for close to 2 hours to gain access to the kid’s play area.


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