Musings | Banking on being Cheated.


9 out of 10 girls go into marriage or exclusive relationships with the 100% mindset that their man will cheat in one form or another at one point or the other in the relationship. 

It has somehow become “woke” to think this way and those that believe in the “fairytale” of a non-cheating spouse are tagged “naive”, “young, “stupid” or worse!! 

This debilitating mindset is a direct drain on the TRUST needed to fuel the love and RESPECT of any relationship. This mindset also naturally signifies to the universe and subconsciously to your husband to CHEAT, creating enabling environments and myriad opportunities to do exactly that. 

I personally believe anyone with this mindset will become emotionally and mentally unbalanced over time even when they tag it “resignation” or to put it in our street language “Na so life be, or this life no balance”. 

So darlings; Until your husband or partner gives you definitive cause to THINK that he is cheating let’s rest those oars of socially ingrained excuses for the innate failures, flaws, and, indiscipline of some men (and women) and NOT THINK THAT WAY. 

Remember; it is not in MAN’s nature to cheat regardless of the circumstances or temptation presented. It is ALWAY A CONSCIOUS CHOICE!!!


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