Millare White Wedding Series PT3 /Selfies, Besties & Instagram Moments

Instagram moments with le besties Ursula, Vivian, Vivian, Bibi, Tobi, Adaze and Lil cousin Thelma

Compliments of the season darlings. I trust you are grooving the cold weather stylishly in your corner of the world. This is part three of my wedding series. (I warned that the pictures and moments were too much to be constrained to one post right?) If you have not read the other posts click here and here.
FYI: I had a lot of besties and sisters present on my special day. if you are not in this post never mind or vex abeg oo. I have you engraved in my heart where I have unlimited space to appreciate your love and uniqueness. Thanks for been a part of my world

Chymanaka George, Angela Arebun, Ebehi Oderele, Sandra Arebun, le bridesmaids and Bibi 

Vanity Princessa Angela Catherine Arebun
mi homies Vanylla Onyido and Chyamaka George

Smiling Beauties, Kome, Frances, Blessing, Amaka, Debbie et al

Dapper groomsmen

Mi blood sisters, Vivian Offor and Ursula Chigbu

#Squadgoals! Mi besties since forever! Tina, Tobi, Ursula, Vivian and Vanylla
Oya chop kiss! Desola Mako, Bukky Awe and moi! #Squadkissgoals lol

The UNIBEN squad reunited again. Agatha, Brenda and Maye

My namesake and MUA Millicent and Vanylla

Mi blood sisters Maye  Eruebi and Bibi Ojiemeh

Maye, Vivian and Vanylla

Mi blood sister Augustina 

Only God knows what they saw to induce this laughter

Buachi Momoh. 


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